• Prestige Heritage Hollow (#708430)
  • Michael Dunn Ultrafox (#572)
  • Gitane John Jorgenson Signature Model


  • Line 6 PODxt + Line 6 FBV shortboard
  • Behringer KX1200
  • Schertler David Acoustic Guitar Amp

I use a Prestige Heritage Hollow guitar that goes into a Line 6 PODxt.  From there, I either can plug into a audio interface for recording, and a keyboard amp or PA system for live performances.  I really enjoy the convenience (compact size) and versatility (many features and effects) of digital equipment.

On my guitar, I use D’Addario XL Jazz-rock strings, 11 gauge.  The pickups are stock: a Seymour Duncan ’59 in the neck, and a JB in the bridge.  I intend to install a push/pull coil split switch, eventually.

For effects, I use the digital models available on my PODxt:  a mild amount of compression (based on MXR dyna-comp), slapback-type analog delay, and chamber style reverb for most of my sounds.  I prefer subtle amounts of each of these effects, allowing them to sweeten the sound rather than alter it drastically.  Once-in-a-while I’ll use more exaggerated effects like flangers with fast oscillations, tremolos, and wah-wahs.  I will be writing a more detailed article about how I make my decisions on the setting of each effect.

Once I’m plugged into some amplifying device, I’ll do some post-EQ just to deal with the characteristics of the speakers and the room.


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