Hi, my name is Tak.

I’m from Vancouver but now based in Toronto.

I first started playing at 12 years old. After learning some basic chords in my elementary school music class, I started teaching myself from internet tabs. I also got a lot of help through private instruction from some great teachers.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to study jazz guitar at Capilano University. This is also around the time I started teaching guitar lessons to friends. I also started to perform in a live setting on a regular basis.

Now I have over a decade of experience teaching and performing. I have also taught many students and have helped them to achieve their unique goals.

Most of my lessons end up being like a coaching session. I emphasize doing over thinking. I realized early on that sometimes overthinking ideas can cripple a students learning. Music is fundamentally about playing. I do my best to avoid the trap of talking about music instead of playing it. We will do exercises and drills with repetition, in order to fully internalize a lesson. Think of it like hitting the gym, but with music.

Of course, I don’t neglect any of the theoretical aspects of music. However, I will again emphasize the application over getting too far into the theory. If you’re interested in theory and less about the applying it to your instrument, I will adjust to your needs.

Finally, this blog is a place where I post my thoughts on music and some ideas I cover in the lessons. There’s no replacement for a good teacher, but I hope you can learn a few things from reading my posts (even if you don’t take lessons with me).


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